Edmonton 12 Week Coding Boot Camp

Coding for servers and mobile/desktop browsers

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Alberta Tech Job Secrets

Alberta Tech Companies

Alberta enterprise published the ‘Technology Deal Flow’ Study in September of 2016. This is ‘A study on the stream of private ventures in Alberta’ and points out the strong growth in the target market for the boot camp.


Market Survey

We conducted a survey of IT employers in our target market to help us design our boot camp. Some of what we found confirmed what we thought before hand- but a lot of things surprised us.

9 Secrets from our Market Survey

1000 Unfilled Tech Jobs in Alberta

2018-03-19 EDMONTON - Nimble Programmer, an Edmonton vocational training school, is applauding the introduction of Bill 2: The Growth and Diversification Act  on March 14

Tech Training Support

Hottest Skills of 2018

Linked in survey shows tech and collaboration skills are some of the most in demand across ALL types of companies.

In Demand Skills Infographic

Alberta's First Software Boot Camp

Where you can get your start

See why boot camps are growing so quickly

Intensity saves time and money: Compare direct cost and lost earnings for 3 months vs. 2yrs

Learn from instructors who've used the tools in the real world

Study with highly motivated students that have coded before

Older students don’t need to ‘start over’ in a long course

Lower student to teacher ratios

Our Classroom on 50th Street!

Your three month journey is going to be intense. Studying with other enthusiastic students will help motivate you. We provide a campus environment with 750 other post graduate students. Students are free to work and study in other parts of the building, there is a cafeteria and coffee shop.

Employers look for good programmers

Learn More Than Software Skills

Technology with a market focus

Ruby on Rails & Javascript

Students learn a system for rapid development of applications

Used/recognized by many target companies and startups

Most popular languages among bootcamps

Mature: more info, examples, textbooks and features

Comprehensive: exposes students to the most techniques

You will learn the 'full stack'

Who uses Ruby on Rails?

Boot Camp Checklist

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Why Take a 9 Hour Intro Class and Make a Game on This Tiny Device?

It's fun and motivating

You will have a portable project to demonstrate

It runs Linux - the most popular server OS

You will learn efficient code to make it fast

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Feedback from the 9 hour Ruby Class

“I really enjoyed my classes with you and learned a lot in a very short amount of time. Thanks to you, I have a very basic understanding on how to work with the Raspberry Pi and Ruby. Thanks again”


I had a blast doing this!


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