5 Week Game Programming Class Includes Mini System!

$149 - Starts Thursday Jan 11, 2018

Edmonton - Callingwood Rec Centre

We Cover Game Fundamentals

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EarlyBird Ends Dec 31, 2017

Enrollment Limited, Small Class Size

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Developed and taught by real programmers and educators

Our courses are led by real developers and give adults and high schoolers real world coding skills. We teach a language used on the server side of modern systems (e.g. early Twitter, Groupon, AirBnB). Students learn real programming concepts and use a server level operating system (Linux).

For all levels of Experience

Progressive Challenges

We use the inexpensive Raspberry Pi

The affordable, portable Raspberry Pi was created to address the issue of declining enrollment in computer science at the University level. It brings back the enthusiasm that home computers brought to the early 1980's that caused a surge of interest in programming. The founders of many tech companies come from this era and we hope our class inspires the next generation.

Hardware Included!

Work in pairs