A Survey on Alberta Software Companies

Growth Rate for Employment

The market that the boot camp is aimed at is the rapidly growing number of software companies in the Alberta technology sector.  This has a very strong growth trend based on published studies of the startup software industry in Alberta as well as from discussion with industry contacts. As we shall see, the technologies taught in the boot camp are well suited to these software companies. 

Alberta Enterprise

Alberta enterprise published the ‘Technology Deal Flow’ Study in September of 2016. This is ‘A study on the stream of private ventures in Alberta’ and points out the strong growth in the target market for the boot camp.

According to the study (Page 7) ‘Software is a significant driver of growth’ for the province. It accounts for 735 companies which is 54% of all technology companies in Alberta. ‘Within software, 465% of these companies (63%) focus on business productivity. Business productivity represents over a third of all technology companies in Alberta.

Software Market In Alberta

Strong Growth Rate of the Software Portion of Technology Companies in Alberta

Alberta Enterprised published the deal flow study in 2009, 2012 and 2016. Between 2012 and 2016 the number of companies increased from 456 to 735. This is a 61% increase and a 12.7% compound annual growth rate.

Importantly for the boot camp, 47% of technology companies describe their product as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) This is important because one of the primary technologies of software as a service is web applications and the technologies and concepts used in the boot camp (Ruby on Rails & Javascript) is  a popular platform for producing SaaS products.  Mobile software applications also rank high in the product descriptions and generally rely on a server or ‘back-end’. The server is usually the same for both  mobile and web based delivery of the product and with the Ruby on Rails software platform is a tool for this.  The database would also be the same and many of the skills taught in the course such as SQL are complimentary.

Thus software is such a large component of Alberta technology companies. Alberta technology companies have a strong compound growth rate and thus the software industry must also have a strong growth rate. We are limited in the data as to exactly what the growth rate is for software specifically, but in all likelihood it is very strong.

Ability of Technology Companies to Hire

Technology companies are often started with limited resources and generally expand and need large numbers of programmers when they achieve product ‘traction’ and are scaling or when they receive venture capital funding. Over a third of technology companies have received product traction and scaling and over 43% have raised over half a million dollars according to the survey.

Software Company Stage

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