Meet Our Team
My name is Doug Kaweski and I am the company founder. My computing career has spanned almost 30 years and I think software development is one of the best careers now and in the future. At Nimble Programmer we are helping people make their own new careers and also serving the growing software industry in Alberta. I live in Sherwood Park.
Alan Alan Clark is an instructor at Nimble Programmer. He holds a honors  degree in Computing from the University of Robert Gordon (Aberdeen, Scotland), and has worked as a software developer for over 20 years.  He has developed software for companies in a wide range of market sectors including point-of-sale/retail, oilfield, market modeling and others.  He is proficient in a variety of front- and back-end technologies and frameworks including .NET,/C#, MongoDB, SQL, Javascript, TypeScript, Vue.js, d3.js, Bootstrap, Amazon Web Services and many more.
Morgan is enthusiastic about creating websites and using social media to promote programs for youth. She helps get the word out about Nimble Programmer and is building our community.


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