Application Info

  1. There are no fees, deposits or obligations to apply. 
  2. Deadlines. We are no longer accepting applications for our Winter 2019 boot camp. See our checklist and application form for details on prerequisites. Please join our email list for updates on the next class offering. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram or our 'Edmonton Learning to Code' group on
  3. Application Checklist. The basic info you need on one page. Checklist.
  4. Application Process.  PDF Application Form. Print out the form, complete it and scan it or photograph. Please email the completed form to We will review your application and get in touch with you about scheduling an interview.
  5. Enrollment Contract. After your application is accepted, you can choose whether or not to complete the enrollment contract and make a deposit to attend the course.
  6. Portfolio Help. Students all have individual backgrounds. If you need help with creating your portfolio, we can suggest ways to get started. Contact us,
  7. Program Name: Web Development Bootcamp (Ruby on Rails). This program is licensed under the private vocational training act. We are listed in the Alberta directory of post secondary institutions.
  8. Contact Nimble Programmer: email: Telephone 780 417 6439
  9. Length: 360 hours - 12 weeks. Tuition $9,500.00, Books:$200.00, Other costs $600.00(or use your existing laptop). Total $10,300.
  10. Class Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm. The classroom is open for student and group work Monday to Friday 4-6pm, Saturday Morning 9am-1pm.
  11. Certificate: 'Nimble Programmer Bootcamp - Certificate'.
  12. Class Location: 13 Mission Avenue, St. Albert, Alberta. T8N1H6
  13. Grants: An important change has been made to Canada Student grants for part-time students. The new limit is $1,800 per year instead of $600 per semester. It means that for shorter courses like Nimble Programmer, students eligible for the full $1,800 amount.  Click here for the gov't of Canada website. The income eligibility limits have been raised meaning that more students will now qualify. That again will be updated in early June.
  14. Rutherford Scholarship: Click here for information on the Rutherford Scholarship. It applies to students who graduated after 1980 from Canadian High Schools and who were residents of Alberta for a full year of high school (or their parents were) and who have a min 75% average (80% for those who graduated before 2008). Nimble Programmer is a designated institution. The maximum value of the award is $2,500 but there are lesser awards depending on your individual case and you may or may not qualify. You can only use the scholarship once- so if you were awarded it in the past you would no longer be eligible. 
  15. Financing Your Education: Student aid is available to eligible students attending designated post-secondary programs. Our Nimble Programmer Bootcamp (Ruby on Rails) is a designated program. Select your province or territory of residence to visits the student aid application site for your province.