One Day Analytics and Machine Learning Workshop

One Day Analytics and Machine Learning Workshop

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Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that uses various algorithms to learn to make decisions based on data.

Users can attend this workshop and choose to participate using either a programming approach or using a graphical user interface without programming.

We will introduce some basic statistical and machine learning theory and then work through a series of exercises that illustrate some of the most popular algorithms and concepts in machine learning.

The workshop will be useful to people that want to understand how artificial intelligence works, including its limitations, as well as those that want to apply artificial intelligence to an individual or business project.

Students will learn key theory, what they can and cannot do with machine learning, common pitfalls and specific techniques that are likely relevant to them.

There are no prerequisites for the course. Students will need a laptop. Open source software and data will be provided.

This workshop runs from 9:30am to 4:30pm at the Callingwood Recreation Centre Saturday November 16.

The full cost of this course is $129 plus GST.

Doug Kaweski holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and has been programming since the early days of microcomputers. He has worked professionally on many statistical analysis projects and studies as well as teaching Bayesian techniques and software. As the science of machine learning evolved he has studied newer techniques and used them extensively mainly to study investment performance.