Web App Fundamentals - Begins Jan 25, 2020

Web App Fundamentals - Begins Jan 25, 2020

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A web application can enhance an individual or workplace project and could even be the start of a new business. Web apps are one of the best first projects for beginning programmers and we have selected technologies that are suited to smaller businesses, agencies and startups. In this class you will create your own unique app that can do useful tasks from anywhere, on any device.

There are no prerequisites for the course.

This 6 Saturday class runs from 9:30am to 1:30pm at the Callingwood Recreation Centre. Class dates are January 25, 2020, Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22, Feb29.

All classes are 4 hours in length with interactive class challenges and limited to 10 participants.  Homework is on the students individual project with a suggested 2 to 4 hours per week. There is a final comprehensive quiz and mark based (30% on the quiz and 70% on the project). Students receive a certificate of achievement and a mark for the course.

The full cost of this course is $399 plus GST. The initial registration deposit of $100 will be followed by a subsequent payment of $299 due before the second class.

Week 1:  Introduction to Ruby, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Unix, Control Structures. (Objectives:  Setup your development Environment. Complete Ruby and Web Page Challenge Problems. Homework: Project Ideas)

Week 2: Functions and Objects in Ruby and Javascript. Pseudo code. The Sinatra Framework.  (Objectives: Understand functions, objects, prperties, procedures. Complete Object creation challenge problems. Homework:  Project pseudo code)

Week 3: Data Structures, File Access (Objectives: Understand common data structures. Complete web and Ruby challenge problems storing data in files and memory. Homework: Data Structures and objects  for your project.)

Week 4:  Interface Design. Responsive HTML and Javascript (Objectives: Understand the basics of visual and interface design. Complete a design challenge in HTML and JS. Homework:  Project interface design.)

Week 5: Hosting a Sinatra Server,SQL Databases, Heroku, Source Management and Gems (Objectives: Setup the tools needed to host on Heroku. Create a DB for the challenge problem. Homework: Completing and Hosting your project)

Week 6: Project Demonstrations, Final Quiz, Security, Refactoring (Objectives: Demonstrate your project. Be tested on your knowledge. Security issues for your project. Ideas and pseudocode to advance your project.)

About your instructor: Doug Kaweski holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and has been programming since the early days of microcomputers. He has worked as a developer and software development manager and has taught game programming in Ruby, Introductory Ruby and Web application classes including the Edmonton Learning to Code Series and Web Application Fundamentals.